Hello, weekend


The last weekend of July is here.  August, the month when school starts back here in Georgia, is just around the corner.  I can’t even believe it, this summer is just flying by.

This weekend I am headed up to visit a dear old friend (and her adorable redheaded baby with big dimples that make me squeal with delight) in South Carolina before coming back for a neighborhood pool party on Sunday.  Parker and I made some good progress on the nursery this past week, but I have given him quite a lengthy Honey-Do list while I’m gone that I hope he works on.

Anyway, I better get on the road to avoid the Friday afternoon traffic headed up north out of town.  Hope you all have a great weekend.

PS – this morning, I finally googled “how to shoot a subject in front of a window” because I never can get the exposure just right – either the subject is right and the background is way blown out, or the background is right and the subject is a dark blob – and the simple answer BLEW MY MIND.  So, that’s the first picture I shot to test it out and I gasped when I saw that I actually did it.  And then I smacked my forehead that it took me that long to google that silly question.  Ask and you shall receive!  (Now, I must add “clean windows” to my To Do list ASAP.)

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  1. Lin Miller

    Hi Katy!
    Oh my! Congratulations Darlin’! I hadn’t gotten on here in a very long time and here you are with a beautiful baby boy! Oh so congrats! Have a very Merry Holiday new family!
    Lin in Ohio


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