Five Easy & Affordable Halloween Crafts

Favorite Halloween Craft IdeasEven though I’ve got a kind of huge project going on right now with the renovations, I can’t stop thinking about Halloween decorations! This is going to be our neighbor’s first impression of us, so I kind of feel a bit of pressure to do something great that will say, “Look, we’re the fun and outgoing cool neighbors that you always hoped would move in!”.

Our neighborhood has a huge Halloween party every year and I’ve got an in with the planning committee so I’m hoping to impress them with suggestions for some easy but high impact crafts that the kiddos and their parents will enjoy. And needless to say, they need to be made on the cheap since our financial priorities are not Halloween decorations at the moment.  :)  These are five that I bet even I could manage even during a home renovation and moving.

1. Floating Spiders from Studio DIY.  Balloons automatically mean party and spiders are perfect for the occasion.  But not scary, realistic spiders that would make kids burst in to tears (that wouldn’t be the best first impression…)

2. Giant Spiderwebs from Oh Happy Day.  These are sewn on to pieces of black tulle that disappears when displayed, but are super easy to hang and re-position.  Plus!  You can reuse these year after year.

3. Witches in the Window from Better Homes & Gardens.  What fun to see this as you’re approaching a house for candy.  The perfect amount of spooky imagination.

4. Floating Ghost from Every Day is a Crafting Day.  Take cheesecloth soaked in starch and cover over a soda bottle with styrofoam ball on top and let dry.  Boom, a mysteriously floating ghost that will amaze guests!

5. Glowing Eyes in the Bushes from Rust & Sunshine.  Toilet paper rolls + glow sticks + bushes = a brilliant and high impact spooky display (for cheap!) that will delight anyone who walks by.

What do you think?  Am I crazy to be thinking of DIYing in the middle of all of this?  We move on October 26th and the party may very well be that same day…eek!  If you have any ideas for cheap and easy Halloween decorations, I’d love to hear!

(PS – I’ve been posting progress pics of the house on Instagram and Facebook.  Are you following along?)

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