Eclectica Kiddo

Eclectica Kiddo

View from Above by Ekaterina Trukhan

Yesterday’s post reminded me that I haven’t yet given a proper introduction to the awesome new art line for children that a couple of my friends just started.  Emily Mann, my friend and neighbor who gifted us all with the best gingerbread recipe ever, is one half of Eclectica Kiddo, a fabulous new collection of ready-to-hang art aimed specifically at, you guessed it, kiddos!  My other friend, Laura Liatis, is the other half of the talented duo and together they have founded a company designed to bring tasteful yet playful art to children’s spaces.  Quality pieces that are enchanting and engage children’s imagination, but also that parents can be thrilled to hang in their home and keep up for years.Eclectica Kiddo - Art for Kiddos!

Transcontinental TripThru Trafalgar Square, and Riding the Waves by Ekaterina TrukhanEclectica Kiddo - Art for Kiddos!

Fishing for Stars by Monica Andino, Reaching High by Justine Rubin, and Our House in the Woods by Teagan White  

So, a little back story.  Emily, Laura, and I all used to work together at an art consulting company where we placed artwork in high end hotels and other public spaces.  When the two of them had children, they realized that many aspects of the job just no longer appealed to them as new mothers (traveling, long hours, etc).  Also, while looking for art to decorate their children’s nurseries, they realized that a lot of the options available were either too cutesy or too trendy and wanted pieces that could grow with the children and transition throughout different stages of their early lives. Eclectica Kiddo - Art for Kiddos!

Feeding the Ducks, Growing a Garden and Making a Campfire by Teagan White (on wood panel)

Realizing there was a hole in the market, and itching to do something about it, they started Eclectica Kiddo to bring artists and illustrators with a really unique viewpoint on kids art to other design-minded parents out there.  A lot of the art you see in the Eclectica collection is from artists who don’t typically create children’s art, but were asked to stretch their talents and create something for little ones, still in keeping with their own style and aesthetic.  What resulted is a completely unique collection of artwork for children not found anywhere else. Eclectica Kiddo - Art for Kiddos!

Looking at the Moon by Monica Andino

I asked Emily to share with us some of the ins and outs of this new business and to give us some insight in to this beautiful new collection.  Here’s what she said:

How did you go about selecting artists to work with for the line?   I had a general vision for what we wanted our line to be and searched through my masses of Evernote clippings for artists and illustrators I had saved off various portfolio websites, design blogs, or magazines. We reached out to many of our personal artist contacts and friends and told them what we were envisioning and were lucky enough to get some really amazing images to work with. Once we had a good number of submissions, Laura and I narrowed them down to a few we thought would bring something really special to Eclectica Kiddo. That part was hard but I am totally thrilled with what we came up with.

Eclectica Kiddo - Art for Kiddos!

Mr. Dog series by Abbey Rhodes

Did the artists create new pieces specifically for Eclectica Kiddo?  Yes! Part of what is special about Eclectica Kiddo is that our images are available exclusively through us!

What was your reaction when you first starting receiving pieces from the artists to add to the line?  It was so exciting! I am an artist and hands-on-maker at heart so I really enjoy seeing how other artists work and what their process is. It was really fun to collaborate a bit, making suggestions here and there to help create pieces that would translate well to the various substrates, etc.

Eclectica Kiddo - Art for Kiddos!

Mr. Cat series by Abbey Rhodes

 Tell us a little about some of the artists you chose to work with.  Sure! We have such a fun group of people.  Teagan White is so, so talented and her perspective is really unique. I’m kind of obsessed with her intricate illustrations of critters and their beautiful little worlds and charming relationships. She has a really incredible list of clients (including Anthropologie, Penguin books, and Target) and we are crazy excited and priveleged to be working with her.

Kelsey Garrity Riley is originally from Germany and Belgium but came to the states to go to Savannah College of Art and Design to pursue illustration. She really has that magic mix of sweet and charming with slightly quirky and a little vintage that is just SO great. If you follow her on Instagram you can basically see that everything she puts her creative touch to is all the more beautiful for it. Did you see her Downton Abbey scarf? Or the adorable printable she did for Martha Stewart? Yeah, girls got talent.

Justine Rubin (below) is a good friend and one of those people that just LIVES creatively. She is one of the most prolific artists I have ever known and can rock photography, sculpture, installations, merchandising, collage, painting, parties, clothes, EVERYTHING! Her work for Eclectica Kiddo is just so her, and its so fun to see how these pieces relate to her other works-like the elephant she and her husband Robin just created for the Atlanta Beltline.

Eclectica Kiddo - Art for Kiddos!

Elephant Afternoon and Off the Coast by Justine Rubin

What can we expect from Eclectica Kiddo in the future?  So much more! We are going to expand the line to include hand felted and stitched mobiles, garlands, and some really extra special one-of-a-kind framed pieces in the next couple of months. And we will be putting out new releases for the art line twice a year so will have a bunch more imagery in the spring.  A long term dream of ours, down the road, is to expand in to a larger line of art and decor that will fall under our larger Eclectica Collection brand. And I have been dreaming a bit with some other creative mamas about how amazing it would be to have an Eclectica Kiddo office space with a big studio in front that would be a collaborative art space for art classes, workshops, creative events, etc. That would be so fun! Peeps should sign up for our newsletter (here, on the left hand side) to get the inside scoop on sales, upcoming releases, events, and special exclusive offers!

Eclectica Kiddo - Art for Kiddos!

In the Deep by Justine Rubin

The pieces offered through Eclectica Kiddo are all completely ready to hang out of the box, so you don’t have to worry about finding a frame that fits or having a piece custom framed when you get it.  Many of the pieces are also available printed on birch panel with nearly 2″ deep sides so the piece stands off from the wall, giving it a nice dimension.Eclectica Kiddo - Art for Kiddos!

I am so proud of the work these dear friends of mine have done and couldn’t be happier to share it with you all.  I actually had the pleasure of shooting all of the product photography for the line and we had a blast working together like old times.  :)

And good news!  Eclectica Kiddo is offering 20% off to All Sorts of Pretty readers with the code PRETTY20 until Monday, November 18.  And don’t forget to sign up for their newsletter on their site so you can be first to know about sales and exclusive offers.

What do you guys think?  I remember staring up at this one painting of ducks playing that my parent’s hung in my room as a child for hours (or so it seemed). I think it’s so important to give kids something imaginative like that to look at and let their mind wonder and make up stories in their mind.  Do you remember any artwork as a child?

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