(Easy, Last Minute) Valentine's Day Floral Arrangement via All Sorts of Pretty

Today I have an easy last minute Valentine’s Day floral arrangement that looks really sweet and thoughtful but really takes no time at all – hence, the perfect arrangement for dudes who don’t put a ton of thought in to the holiday, but might want to show up with a little more than a cellophane wrapped grocery store arrangement with the price tag still on (ahem, men pay attention…I say that like men are actually reading this blog called “All Sorts of Pretty”.  I digress.).

(Easy, Last Minute) Valentine's Day Floral Arrangement

Anyway – let’s talk about the most underrated flower of ALL TIME.  The wonderful, perky, fabulous and sweet smelling carnation.  I love carnations and think if you fill a vase with only carnations, you can have one beautiful arrangement that can make you forget about all the horrid arrangements from the 80s and 90s where carnation was simply a filler flower mixed in with baby’s breath (also underrated, by the way), and tightly wound up roses (not underrated – those are hideous).  Add a simple cut out heart with a sweet message and you have an instant gift for your Valentine.  Take it off and it’s great for any number of other occasions.  I love the idea of giving flowers in a vase the person will love and get lots of use out of too.  Major bonus points if you put that much thought in to it.

(Easy, Last Minute) Valentine's Day Floral Arrangement

Okay, here are two sweet arrangements that you can make for a loved one for Valentine’s Day or a birthday or heck, even make them for yourself because they’re pretty and make you smile…because that is important too.

Start with your flowers: you can get carnations at the grocery store, but the selection at mine was pretty sad so I went to an actual florist where I actually ended up saving money and the quality was superior.  These were just under $1 per stem versus $1.25 at the grocery.

(Easy, Last Minute) Valentine's Day Floral Arrangement

Mine were a little too “closed” for my liking and I wanted a big pouff of flours so I opened them up gently.  To do this, just work your way through the flower, pulling it slightly outward –  these flowers are pretty sturdy, you can even pull the green outer casing apart slightly to make them open up more.

(Easy, Last Minute) Valentine's Day Floral Arrangement

Cut the stems at an angle just a little taller than your vase.  Taller ones go towards the middle and shorter ones around the lip of the vase.


This one is almost done, but there’s a little too much space at the bottom for my liking, so I filled in with shorter stems

(Easy, Last Minute) Valentine's Day Floral Arrangement

Then just cut out little hearts and write a message on them to resemble candy conversation hearts.  I have letter stamps already so I used those, but even a hand written message would be a sweet gesture anyone would love.   I also like sticking one pink flower in with all the white for this because it looks like the flowers were kissed and that’s just so romantic  :)

(Easy, Last Minute) Valentine's Day Floral Arrangement

So there you have it, two cheap and easy (but pretty nonetheless) flower arrangements for Valentine’s Day or any day.   Because giving something pretty really doesn’t need to be complicated or expensive, now does it?

(Easy, Last Minute) Valentine's Day Floral Arrangement

PS – I’m not alone in my love for carnations – Carrie Bradshaw loved them too, especially the pink ones.  She said “I think they’re making a comeback” and I think she’s right.  If you decide to make these, and I’m talking to any man who may be reading this, whatever you do – do NOT accompany these with a yellow post it note if you don’t have time to cut out cutesy little hearts.  (Any Sex and the City fans out there?)


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