DIY Terrarium from a Cracked Glass Pitcher

DIY Terrarium using a glass pitcher (from All Sorts of Pretty)

Did you do anything special for Earth Day yesterday?  I did, though it was not planned and a happy accident instead.  I was making iced tea (this is the South, y’all…it’s a staple down here) and as I poured the boiling water over the tea bags in to my favorite glass pitcher and lifted the handle to move it, it cracked immediately.  Sad!  (And like…duh, don’t lift a glass pitcher by the handle when boiling water is inside.)

Anyway…I quickly transferred the tea and was disappointed about my grandmother’s glass pitcher that has to be at least fifty years old before I came up with the idea to turn it in to a terrarium.  Brilliant!  Keeping it out of the landfill (I couldn’t bear the thought…) and planting something in honor of Mother’s Earth’s special day…does it count if it’s not planted in the actual earth?  Let’s pretend it does.

Broken pitcher repurposed in to terrarium

You can see the damage isn’t awful – no raw edges to cut myself on, but enough to know that it’s life as an iced tea-serving pitcher is over.  How to Turn a Broken Pitcher in to a Terrarium

Making a terrarium takes 5 minutes once you have your supplies (some rocks or gravel, soil, a plant or two and maybe some moss if you’re feeling sassy).  I already had everything, including the little fern (is it a fern?) I had planned on using months ago for a terrarium and never got around to actually planting.  It sat in the plastic pot on my windowsill since February and I would water it occasionally and it held up just fine…so I know it’s a fighter, but since I threw out the identifying tag, I have no idea what it is.  Anyone know?
DIY Terrarium using a glass pitcher (from All Sorts of Pretty)

I decided to add a little trinket to my terrarium, just for some extra pretty and as a tribute to my late grandmother, the same one who once owned this pretty pitcher.  That is one of her pins I’ve been holding on to but never wear…I thought I would appreciate it here more than stuffed in my jewelry box.  I’ll take it out for waterings, but if it tarnishes a bit, that’s okay with me.DIY Terrarium using a glass pitcher (from All Sorts of Pretty)

DIY Terrarium using a glass pitcher (from All Sorts of Pretty)So there you have it.  A super easy DIY using something you may be thinking of throwing out because it’s not perfect anymore.  I’m still kicking myself for throwing away a big glass dome I had that broke a big chunk out of the top when a window came crashing down on it – now I know it would have been a perfect candidate for a terrarium.  So if this happens to you, think before you throw away!  You just might be able to make something pretty out of it.

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    • Katy

      Ahhh! Thanks! It has been so forgiving of my brown thumb as so pretty too.

  1. Rita

    what a brilliant idea. I have so many glass jars lying in the cupboard and not used for ages. Will try my hands on creating terrarium…:)

  2. Mikolis

    You are awesome. I love you for sharing. That is the most touching story I have ever heard of saving a piece of memory with new life. Thank God for you.
    Mikolis Upstate, NY

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