DIY Corkboard by All Sorts of Pretty

I am right in the middle of redecorating my office and trying to transform it into a space that collects and displays all sorts of pretty things that inspire me.  This project came about out of the necessity to have a place to display current images that are inspiring me and of wanting to do something with these great serving trays I got a while back.  I bought these at Target during their after-Christmas clearance sale so they were marked way down.  I loved the shape and knew immediately I would use them at my wedding as chalkboards to display the different lawn games we had.  I bought four of them, chalkboard painted them and they were great for adding some visual interest to the signs.  I simply can’t part with them because that shape is too fabulous, so I decided to turn them in to cork boards. DIY Corkboard by All Sorts of Pretty I was first going to just use kind of cork that comes in a roll, but I knew I would need more behind it to actually hold a pin so I was off to the craft store to buy foam core to glue behind it when lo and behold they had foam core that already had cork glued to it.  Brilliant!  If you can’t find it in your craft store (I bought mine at Hobby Lobby) you can get it here. You could use any serving tray (one with flat sides would be great to set tiny trinkets on) and this project is so simple you can realistically complete it in about 30-45 minutes. Materials Needed:

  • Serving Tray
  • Cork Foam Sheet
  • X-Acto Knife
  • Paint and Paint Brush
  • Glue Gun

DIY Corkboard by All Sorts of Pretty

Step 1: You need to know where to cut your cork/foam and I know from past experience that this kind of shape is difficult to trace because it slides around too much.  If your tray has straight sides, just trace with a pencil on the back side so you won’t see any lines on the finished product.  For mine though, I painted the edge of the lip to know exactly where to cut. Step Two: Stamp the tray on the foam core and let dry a few minutes before cutting. Step Three: Using an X-Acto knife, cut to your desired shape.  (Don’t worry, I didn’t actually cut on my gorgeous wood dining table my dad built!  I actually had it sitting on my lap as I kind of “sawed” through it.) DIY Corkboard by All Sorts of Pretty

Step Four: Now your cork foam is ready to be set in the tray.  I used a hot glue gun (just a few big globs will do the job) and popped it right in.

Anthropologie Push Pins via All Sorts of PrettyI found these great push pins at Anthropologie and knew they would be perfect for this project. DIY Corkboard by All Sorts of Pretty

DIY Corkboard by All Sorts of Pretty And there you have it! Super simple project that corrals all the neat 2-dimensional pretties that seem to pile up in stacks and don’t get seen.  I do plan on making all four trays just like this one and hanging them in a group in my office – I’ll be sure to share how I hang them and of course my office reveal when it’s ready.

PS – Objects on the board are (clockwise from top left):

  • Mini Bird print from Alicia Bock
  • Really beautiful metallic foil business card – even the edges are foil – by You + Me Design…you can’t see the metallic touches in the photo, but just trust me.
  • Letterpress business card by The Proper Pinwheel – Lexy also included rad mini bunting with her cards and that too is displayed in my office.  Thanks Lexy!
  • Another favorite business card from Alt with 3-D glitter bunting by This Little Street
  • Me and my boo exiting our wedding. Aw..
  • A vintage postcard of the town we got married in (Frederick, MD)
  • My business card!  (it was embarrassingly done super last minute and not my proudest work, but hey…next time!)
  • And a heart reject from Tuesday’s post that got saved from the trash.


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