DIY Metallic Clay Vases

Metallic Clay Vases by All Sorts of Pretty

Today I wanted to share a really simple way to dress up some plain glass vases.  If you’re like me, you probably have some standard glass florist’s vases hanging around your house and this is a fun way to dress them up a bit.  I was inspired by the metallic texture of West Elm’s honeycomb glassware set and thought this could be a crafty interpretation and a way to mix things up a bit.  Here’s what you’ll need:

Metallic Clay Vases by All Sorts of Pretty3

  • a rolling pin
  • wax paper
  • glass vase of your choice
  • liquid leaf and sealer
  • paintbrush
  • spoon (the smaller, the better)
    Metallic Clay Vases by All Sorts of Pretty5

Start out by rolling the air dry clay (you can find this at any craft store) between two pieces of wax paper so it doesn’t stick.  Roll it out as thin as you possibly can, about 1/8″.

Metallic Clay Vases by All Sorts of Pretty6

Once you’ve got a thin, even layer, drape it over the bottom of your vase and form the clay around the glass.  You’ll have ruffly parts from overlapping, just blend them in and smooth out as best you can.  Smooth the seam at the top so there’s a gradual tapering effect from the clay to the glass also.

Metallic Clay Vases by All Sorts of Pretty7.1

Then, get to work with your spoon!  The smaller the spoon the better (baby food spoons would be perfect).  Gently press the rounded edge in to the clay all over for your textured effect.  Once you’re done, let the clay dry overnight.   I suppose you could use oven bake clay, but it made me nervous with the glass and I didn’t know how it would react so I chose the air dry kind.  I noticed the clay cracked during drying, but I kind of liked the effect and felt it added to the texture nicely.

The next day, you can get busy painting it with your liquid leaf.  Liquid leaf is great because it gives that legit metallic look but without the work of real metal leaf.  You can choose whatever color metal you like, gold, silver, bronze, but copper and I are in the midst of a torrid love affair, so of course I chose copper.

You can seal the metal leaf afterwards with sealer to protect the finish…or not, whatever.
Metallic Clay Vases by All Sorts of Pretty9There you have it!  This project really is so easy, the most difficult part is waiting for the clay to dry.  Active time actually crafting these three (I actually made five vases, two didn’t make it in the shot) was under an hour.

Oh and these floral arrangements?  $4 worth of Veronica stems from Walmart and some branches from my backyard.  Oh yeah :)

PS – did you see Tuesday’s grocery store flowers?

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