DIY His, Hers & Ours Organizer

His, Hers & Ours Organizer

 Living with your spouse is the most wonderful thing, right?  You get to hang out with your best friend all the time and you always have someone to watch movies with.  Sometimes though, the “stuff” that each of you has needs to be organized because it usually ends up all piled together in a mess; his stuff, your stuff and the stuff you collectively use.  I’ve had this idea for a long time, but was never quite sure how to properly label the jars until I saw Jordan’s brilliant idea of using a printer cut out and paint pen.  Genius.

I came up with this idea to use in our bathroom so our toothbrushes never have to touch (can we call agree that it’s gross when toothbrush heads touch?) but so other things we both use, like toothpaste, toenail clippers, tweezers, and a comb, can be wrangled together.  We’ve been using this for a little while and we both love it.  It’s a simple and concise way to separate his, hers, and ours.

His, Hers & Ours Organizer

Find a few jars that fit your needs for this project.  I found these all at Hobby Lobby for $0.99 and $1.99.  While you’re there pick up a paint pen and maybe some leather or twine to wrap the top of the jar for a decorative look, and to hide the thread of the jar.  You’ll also need to print out a simple “his”, “hers” and “ours” in a font you like and size that will fit the jar.  Just play around with what you like (the one I used here is Channel).

I think this is a great idea for other areas of the house too, using different size jars depending on the items they will hold.  I would like to have one by the front door to hold keys and phones in his and hers and the dog leash in ours.

His, Hers & Ours Organizer

 Step 1: If your jars have them, remove the metal mechanisms that allow for the top to be popped on and off.

Step 2: Cut and tape the words inside jar.

Step 3: Using the paint pen, trace over the words (you may need to go over it with a second coat after you remove the paper).

Step 4: Wrap your trim around the tops of each jar, careful not to wrap too much on the smaller, side jars because the edges need to be flush in order to adhere.

Step 5: With your hot glue gun, run a line of glue down the edge of the smaller jar.

Step 6: With both jars standing up right, adhere the smaller jar to the larger one (don’t try to do this in your hand or on their sides – you need to make sure the bottoms are both level).
His, Hers & Ours OrganizerOh you know what else is fun?  Put a dry erase marker in the “ours” to write little love notes to each other on the mirror.  It’s always a sweet surprise and never gets old.  :)

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