Date Night

datenightDo you make a point to go on dates with your significant other?  I always hear about parents trying really hard to get out of the house with each other every once in a while to reconnect as a couple, but I think it’s so important for any couple, parents or not.

Parker and I don’t have kids yet, but we’ve both been feeling the stress of work and home renovations and a general feeling of chaos so last night when we decided to go on a date, it was so nice to forget about all of that and make googly eyes at each other in public.  It’s amazing how restorative a meal, a couple of beers, and an intimate concert can feel when shared with the one you love most.  Especially after a particularly trying week.  I think there are a few key tricks to employ though to make sure the night goes smoothly and doesn’t end up being stressful in itself:

1.) Have a plan.  Nothing is more frustrating than playing the whole “Where do you want to go?”  “I don’t care, it’s up to you.” game.  Decide before you go what the date night will entail.

2.) Know where to park.  We just moved to Decatur, and downtown Decatur has lots of cool places, but knowing the best places to park in relation to where you’ll be going is key, especially if it’s cold or you plan on wearing heels and don’t want to walk a long way. Research beforehand so you don’t circle the block a bunch of times and get mad at each other for missing spots or giving bad directions (not that that’s ever happened to us, of course! ;) ).

3.) Only talk about good things.  Whatever is going on in life that’s stressful (work, kids, home renovations…) is not allowed to be talked about.  Even if that means a few awkward minutes of just staring at each other until you find something else to talk about, that’s the rule.

Do you have any rules or tricks for ensuring a good time is had by all when going out on a date with your love?  I’d love to hear!

PS – For this date night, we went to dinner and drinks at Brick Store Pub and then walked over to Eddie’s Attic (a tiny music venue for intimate, acoustic shows) to listen to one of my long time favorite musicians, Dean Fields.  Then we came home at a decent hour, crawled in bed and watched Homeland.  A perfect evening in my book.

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    • Katy

      Oh yeah, I forget that I have a Decatur tour guide just two doors down to get all the inside tips ;-)

  1. Erica - Let Why Lead

    Haha, #3 hit home for me because my husband and I went on a mini-date just this week, and afterward I said to him, “Are any other couples still awkward after 8 years of marriage??” Sometimes we don’t want to step of each other’s toes (figuratively) and then just end up being dorks. :)


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