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Bathing Beauties All Sorts of Pretty

This image makes me smile.  Looks like such fun.  But imagine the tan lines from those giant bikini bottoms!  :)

Tell me friends: do you still lay in the sun to get a tan, or do you go the much more healthy way of using self tanner?  Or perhaps you don’t waste precious brain cells on this silly little matter at all and embrace a healthy, pale tone in which case, this post will completely bore you.

I’ll be totally honest: I love the feeling of lying under the sun and feeling it’s warmth – and I also love a healthy summer glow despite how bad I know “tanning” is for me and my skin.  At 28 years old, I am more aware (and terrified!) of wrinkles and signs of premature aging so I’ve gotten in to the habit of wearing sunscreen every day, but as summer approaches, I’m not sure I’ll be able to stay off the beach or poolside completely.  I do vow, however, to give sunless tanning a shot.  I’ve heard really good things about Tan Towels so I think I’ll try that first.  I can’t stand the idea of stepping in to one of those spray tan booths (the Friends episode scared me for life – you have to watch the video, it stands the test of time.  I cried laughing.)

Do you have a secret sunless tanning beauty trick that we all need to know about?  Please share in the comments!

Image Source (I can’t find the original source; if you know, please share!)

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