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Daydreamer by Etsy Seller EveSimonePhotography

Summer Days no.I by Etsy seller EveSimonePhotography

Summer Days no. 1 by Etsy seller EveSimonePhotography

Summer Days no.III by Etsy seller EveSimonePhotography

Summer Days no. IV by Etsy seller EveSimonePhotography

Summer Days no. V by Etsy seller EveSimonePhotography

Do you daydream?  I am a fiercely dedicated daydreamer, always have been and, I suspect, always will be.  Lately the majority of my daydreams are about California…visiting there this summer, hopefully moving there one day.  I’ve only been to Northern California once, as a child, but I live vicariously through the blogs I read and the Instagrammers I follow of Californians that share their big-sky and sunshine-filled lives online.  It’s not that I don’t like my life here in Atlanta; on the contrary, I am more happy than ever before.  But I’m also from here and my wonderlust is leading me west.

Which is why these photographs by Eve Simone spoke to me so much when I saw them.  The first one, “Daydreamer”, for obvious reasons, and the beach scenes that make me think of the California beaches I hope to dig my toes in to this summer.  Aren’t they dreamy?  All of these prints are available in her Etsy shop and I have a feeling that if I surrounded myself with these images in my home, I might find myself on more daydreaming trips…which would be wonderfully peaceful, but maybe not so productive :)  Worth it!

Find the above prints here: Daydreamer | Summer Days no. I | Summer Days no. II | Summer Days no. III | Summer Days no. IV | Summer Days no. V


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