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Works Progress Administration posters (via All Sorts of Pretty)

one | two | three

Works Progress Administration posters (via All Sorts of Pretty)

one | two | threeWorks Progress Administration posters (via All Sorts of Pretty)

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I am so excited about today’s Daily Dose of Pretty post, you guys.  I stumbled across a treasure trove and I just have to share.  Are you familiar with WPA Posters?  During the Great Depression of the 1930s when 1 in 4 men were unemployed, the federal government stepped in to create jobs and put America back to work, thus the Work Projects Administration (later renamed the Works Progress Administration) was born.

The WPA, started in 1936, hired men to construct and repair bridges, highways and parks, but also employed  musicians, artists, writers, actors and directors in large arts, drama, media, and literacy projects (source), but they also encouraged people to do good and promoted positive messages and encouraged community togetherness.  They made these awesome posters promoting the WPA’s efforts and messages and I have just spent hours pouring over the images provided by the Library of Congress.  The graphics are so fun and vibrant – I see so many examples here of how designers today are drawing inspiration from the designers of the past.

I also just found out that you can order reproductions through the Library of Congress.   I have no idea how much they cost yet, but I love the idea of hanging my favorites as art.

Aren’t they beautiful?  Mainstream advertising today is so different, both aesthetically and in the messages that get put out there.  It’s nice to browse through the images of the past that promoted prosperity and happiness – did you see the second one at the top that says trees promote human comfort and happiness”?  I wish the government would still promote that message today.

There’s no possible way I could fit all my favorites in to one post, so I’ll continue sharing over the next several weeks.

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