Daily Dose of Pretty | 47 | Papercuts by Marnie Karger of Crafterall

Crafterall Cut Paper Layered Love in Pink

Crafterall Cut Paper Retro Fern & Retro Poppies

Crafterall Cut Paper Retro Grass

Crafterall Cut Paper Retro Tulips

Crafterall Cut Paper Minneapolis Chain of Lakes

Crafterall Cut Paper Topography Hawaiian Islands

Crafterall Cut Paper White Bear Lake

Layered Love in Pink | Retro Fern | Retro Poppies | Retro Grass | Retro Tulips | Minneapolis Chain of Lakes | Hawaiian Islands | White Bear Lake

Aren’t these cut paper pieces so cool?  Hand cut by artist Marnie Karger, she reduces objects and land masses to a handful of simple shapes and colors, then cuts those shapes from colored paper, creating brilliant abstract imagery.  I just love her work so much! I first fell in love with her topography layered papercuts – I think it’s so cool the way she takes land masses, something otherwise so un-glamorous and turns them in to these great art pieces, so simple yet effective in design.

But then I saw her more feminine work of abstract retro tulips, hearts, ferns and poppies and knew I had to share everything here with you guys.   Marnie runs an Etsy shop called Crafterall and you really should check it out.  She sells custom pieces as well as more well-known land masses and what she calls her “art” pieces, although I think they are all art.  She has greeting cards too, which is so fun – wouldn’t it be neat to receive a hand cut, layered papercut card?  So cool.

Thanks for letting me share your work, Marnie!

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