Daily Dose of Pretty | 49 | Beach Paintings by Paul Ferney

Happy Monday :) How was your weekend?  Mine was…sloth-like.  I was so tired from last week’s adventure that I didn’t feel like doing much of anything.  And you know how when you don’t feel like doing much of anything, some how it makes you more tired and more lazy and then you just sit around all weekend?  Bingo, right here.  This morning I’m still in that rut but I’m about to force myself in the shower, out of the house and to Barnes & Noble so I can research my upcoming trip to California.  I am SO EXCITED you guys.  I’m California dreamin’ big time over here.  My husband and I are taking a two week trip from Colorado to Seattle to Portland to San Francisco to Los Angeles for our anniversary this summer and the biggest part left to plan is the Cali leg.  We’re going to take the Pacific Coast Highway (or, the 1 as the locals seem to call it) and stop all along the way, taking 3 days to make our way down to LA.

I think we’re going to stay in Santa Monica one night before heading inland to stay for two nights (maybe in Silver Lake?  Bri makes it sound so cool.) and researching Santa Monica made me think of these beach paintings by Paul Ferney.

Paul Ferneybeach_ii_1000

Paul Ferney santaCruzLifeguardHut_30x30_1000px

Paul Ferney SantaCruzBeach_30x30_1000px

Paul Ferney beach5_20x20

Paul Ferney beach4_36x36

Paul Ferney beach1_48x48

Paul is the crazy-talented husband of Jordan, the crazy-talented DIY and Party blogger of Oh Happy Day.  What a rad couple – oh and they have the two cutest little boys EV-ER and somehow they all manage to live so stylishly in 500 square feet.  I digress.

These paintings are so lovely – I love the way Paul paints beach scenes depicted in a modern, minimalist fashion, making them so light and airy.  There’s no kitsch or tourist feel to them – just simple and soothing imagery to remind you of the best days at the beach.  Even the scenes depicting lots of people on the beach doesn’t feel crowded – just happy people enjoying the sunshine together.  

I have no idea what locale these paintings are supposed to be depicting, but with the wide beaches, colorful umbrellas, lifeguard stands and masses of people make me think this is what the California beaches outside LA are supposed to look like.  If it’s anywhere close, I’ll be a happy girl :)

You can see more of Paul’s work here (my next favorites from him are his “Let Them Eat Cake” series, which you can actually buy prints of here) AND, I didn’t realize this until writing this post, he is a photographer as well, selling his photos on Society 6 too.  An all around talented person and a nice guy too (we briefly met at Alt this year).  Go check out his work!

Okay, I must get up and be productive today.  This house needs cleaning, vacation needs planning and outdoors need visiting – it’s beautiful out!

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