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I am really loving these inspirational digital drawings by artist and designer, Laura Huston, of the lovely blog Paper & Honey so much right now.  They are so beautiful right?  But besides just being pretty to look at, they offer a little nudge of encouragement, a “go-get-’em-tiger” bit of motivation as Laura says.  I also love that Laura started this series, appropriately titled “Make Your Mark” on her blog as a way to hold herself accountable for practicing her hand-lettering, calligraphy, blogging and also positive thinking.  As a creator and pretty-maker, this series is her way of pushing herself, a little bit each week, to create something not only pretty, but also hopeful in it’s message and she let’s her readers in on her journey too.  I love that!

What’s your favorite?  I think mine is the very first one – “Get it, girl”.  Yeah!  That message pumps me up, but the hand lettering is so curvy and beautiful and flirty.  I just love a good hand lettered script, you know this by now (remember Kelsey’s work last week?).  That piece is also her most recent, and the most different than the rest of the series, so I wonder if she plans on going in this direction more.  I sure hope so!  I love all of it though, so I really can’t wait to see whatever it is she comes up with.

Follow along on Paper & Honey to see the new pieces she puts up every week.  She posts a new “Maker Your Mark” digital illustration every Friday so keep a look out.

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