Daily Dose of Pretty | 41 | Designs by Kelsey Crohnkite

Kelsey Cronkhite - Love desktop and iPhone wallpaper (via all Sorts of Pretty)

Kelsey Cronkhite - Summer Lovin' desktop wallpaper (via all Sorts of Pretty)

Kelsey Cronkhite - Beauty is in the Eye of the Beholder (via all Sorts of Pretty)

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Happy Monday!  How was your weekend?  Mine was busy busy – some exciting stuff coming up that I can’t wait to blab about :)

I am so excited to share today’s Daily Dose of Pretty because I get to show off the awesome talent of a fellow blog buddy, Kelsey Cronkhite.  Kelsey writes the (beeeautiful) blog, Pinegate Road, and she’s currently in school at SCAD getting her MFA in graphic design.  True story: Kelsey and I were both at Alt this year, but never met – never even heard of each other.  Then one day, we happened to be on each other’s blogs at the exact same time and even commented on each other’s blogs AT THE EXACT SAME TIME.  It was like the stars aligned and we were just meant to be blog friends.  We still haven’t actually met in person, but one day hopefully soon.

Isn’t her work just gorgeous?  She makes it look so easy – the hand lettered script and the flourishes that wind around so fluidly look completely effortless, but oh my, I know Kelsey works so hard at her craft.  She’s intensely creative and dedicated to her work, and I often wonder how she does it all: she’s in a master’s program at one of the best art schools in the country, she updates her blog every day, and somehow still manages to do cool stuff in her free time (like make almond milk, french macarons and go paint the town green for Saint Patty’s Day).

She’s the kind of designer I imagine I would be if I were a designer (which, ahem, I most certainly am not) but I just dig her style so much. Also – that first image of Love, I pinned that not realizing it was Kelsey’s work.  I just loved it so much and then made the connection later and was like “Gah!  Of COURSE it’s Kelsey’s work!”

You have to go check out her blog designs – or, on second thought, don’t because then you’ll come back and see how amateur hour it is over here compared to the designs she’s created for other blogs.  If this lil bloggy of mine ever makes money, I’m going straight to Kelsey for a redesign.  Because she makes things pretty and you know how I feel about that.

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