Daily Dose of Pretty | 34 | St. Patrick’s Day Wedding Invitations



St-Patricks-Day-Irish-Wedding-Invitations-Grey-Snail-Press-550x412How would you like to go to this St. Patrick’s Day wedding?  Looks fun, right?  These invitations were designed by Gray Snail Press, letterpress printed by Hound Dog Press and featured on a favorite blog of mine, Oh So Beautiful Paper.  Says the designer, “These wedding invitations were a nod to both the bride’s Irish heritage and the St. Patrick’s Day nuptials. A stylized shamrock illustration and hand lettering were letterpress printed in Kelly green.” I love the stylized shamrock and the loose hand-lettering that give it a slightly casual and very fun feel.  And the colors are telling of the St. Patrick’s Day theme without the usual cheesy flair associated with the holiday.  I bet this wedding was so fun to attend!

PS – what to wear for St. Patty’s Day

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