Daily Dose of Pretty | 31 | Shamrock Macarons for St. Patrick’s Day!

Here’s another St. Patty’s themed post!  Hey just because I’m not a theme dresser, doesn’t mean I don’t like a good themed blog post every now and again :)



I love – love – French macarons so much!  Probably my favorite dessert if I had to pick one for the rest of my life because they are delicate, light and so pretty to look at.  If you make them they are labor intensive and extremely fickle when it comes to measuring ingredients exactly and having the proper temperature; if you buy them from a bakery or patisserie, they are expensive (usually about $3 a piece for a small one) so whether you make them yourself or buy them, there’s a special feeling by getting to have one.  Like you’re indulging in a delicacy or a sacred treat that must be savored and not gobbled up in one bite like a mass produced cookie or cupcake.  No, these little guys are special.

I found these ADORABLE green shamrock macarons from Australian baking blog Raspberry Cupcakes and let me tell you, if you like pretty desserts, go ahead and subscribe to this blog now (another favorite are these precious DIY chocolate eggs for Easter.  How cute!).

Saint Patty’s Day is coming up so these Shamrock Macarons with Bailey’s Chocolate Ganache just might be the most perfect treat ever for the occasion.  (Oh my!  Not only are they pretty, they have liquor in them too – my fav!)  :)

Go check out the recipe (here) and then email me for my address so you can send me some once you’re finished.  Just kidding….but seriously..

Oh!  And if you should decide to make these prefect little macaron cookies, don’t forget that one of the main ingredients is almond flour which is so easy to make yourself

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