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6a0120a5c8d9a9970c017d415be2aa970c-800wiHappy Monday, friends!  Doesn’t this image make you smile a little bit from behind your computer?  Marilyn always has that effect on me though, to be honest.

I borrowed this image from Shannon, one of my favorite bloggers (I’ve told you about her before) and in her post she references a study about how forcing a smile when you’re not totally feeling happy, actually has the effect of making  you happy.  Isn’t that interesting?  I have done this before and can vouch that it does work, although I’m such a brat sometimes that I stubbornly choose not to smile when I’m being a grouch.

Although I have found that in the (just over a) month’s time that I quit my job and started blogging full time, I have been so completely happy that I haven’t really been in a bad mood yet, so I haven’t needed to use the smile trick.  I didn’t realize how much I would love blogging, or how much I missed being creative, but I’m getting so much joy out of the journey and have so many ideas to grow this blog in to something really cool.

I feel lighter, healthier, my head is clear, I have more energy and I am motivated to DO and MAKE.  I’m so happy and feeling like I’m living my best life, being the best version of myself – and I’m not sure I’ve ever actually felt I was living the best version of myself (isn’t that a sad realization?).

Anyway – I hope you smile a lot today.  If you need help, this video made me laugh my butt off (don’t feel bad for the girl, she’s doing just fine.)

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