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Aren’t these images just so divine?  They come from one of my favorite photographers and bloggers, Caitlin from Roost.  I’m obsessed with her blog, especially these images she shot for a recipe she posted on her blog for Toasted Fennel and Orange Morning Cakes. Cakes in the morning?  Sign me up!  No really, these are actually grain free, gluten free and refined sugar free so they would be a good alternative to nutrition-devoid coffee cakes and doughnuts.  Made with almond flour, which I will be telling you how to make in my next post!

She also shoots these beautiful, artistic short films which are essentially moving pictures – no voices, just music accompanies the images – and they are so beautiful.  As I was watching one she did for Valentine’s Day, I was thinking what an incredible time we live in where regular people can shoot cinema quality videos on their DSLR cameras that will be treasured for years to come.  Sure beats the camcorders of the past few decades :) .

Seriously, the level of photography and skilled food styling that Caitlin possesses is so inspiring – I could spend (and have spent) hours going through the archives on her blog with equal parts crazy jealousy and motivation to keep working on improving my own skills.

You have to check out Roost, so click here to do so.

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