Happy Monday

How’s your Monday been so far?  It’s a typical first day of the week over here, plus cloudy and rainy.  The kind of day that makes you want to crawl back in bed and watch The Notebook and You’ve Got Mail, back to back. I couldn’t resist these cheerful Iris’s when I saw them at […]

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Blue Mason Jars now on Amazon

In the year leading up to my wedding, I collected all of these blue mason jars to be used as vases.  I still love them and keep them displayed, taking one down when I have flowers to fill it with.  The antique ones aren’t nearly as hard to find as they used to be since […]

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Weekend Pretties

It has rained every single day for many, many days.Up early to gaze at my flowers through the fog. After the rain comes at night, all the windows (even my camera lens) gets foggy and the humidity feels like a rain forest. The sun came out for the Farmer’s Market and boy, the veggies were […]

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