Katy & Parker Go West – San Francisco

When Parker and I first arrived in San Francisco after having just left Portland (and before that Seattle, and Colorado before that), we took the BART (their train system) in to the city and I fell in love immediately.  The big blue skies and the brightly colored buildings really make the city look beautiful and […]

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Katy & Parker Go West – Portland

So after we left Seattle, we were headed to Portland and we decided to get there via train.  Have you ever traveled by train?  This was our first time and it was a total game changer!  We loved it and here’s why: 1.) There are no security lines.  You literally walk on to the train that […]

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Katy & Parker Go West – Seattle

Parker and I hopped on a plane and headed to Seattle after Colorado and the sun was just setting by the time we checked in to our hotel, dropped our bags, and walked down to the Pike Place Market.  It was just after 6 and everything was shutting down so we knew we would have to […]

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