This Dress

Sadness* is finding this dress, the most perfect summer sun dress, and then finding out it’s no longer available.  Found on the Free People blog, I thought the post was published March of this year so I got my hopes totally up…then realized it was March of last year and that this most perfect dress […]

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Wardrobe Envy – Summer Dresses

I’m in need of some new summer wardrobe essentials (especially since I threw out 3/4 of my closet) so I’ve been trying to think of pieces that would get lots of wear, be comfortable, and fun for summer.  I always love dresses because it’s an entire outfit in one piece of clothing so there’s not […]

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Wardrobe Envy – CLOGS!

Okay, I have only shared this with a few trusted sources but I’m here today to pronounce my love loud and clear for SWEDISH CLOGS!  I am so obsessed.  I’m not sure when or why exactly this obsession started, but it’s not going away, nay, my desire for a closet full of clogs is growing […]

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