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Daily Dose of Pretty | 53 | Illusion Wallpaper

Antique Bibliotheque | Lumberjack | White Bookshelf | White Panelling | Oak Wood Panelling | Tufted Linen | Scrap Wood | Mint Tin Tiles | Cream Tin Tiles Can you believe all of these images are not laboriously built walls from antique found materials, but instead wallpaper?  Each one is so realistic, it must be touched to be believed.  I love the look of old […]

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Daily Dose of Pretty | 34 | St. Patrick’s Day Wedding Invitations

How would you like to go to this St. Patrick’s Day wedding?  Looks fun, right?  These invitations were designed by Gray Snail Press, letterpress printed by Hound Dog Press and featured on a favorite blog of mine, Oh So Beautiful Paper.  Says the designer, “These wedding invitations were a nod to both the bride’s Irish heritage […]

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Wardrobe (green with) Envy

St. Patrick’s Day is upon us (this weekend!) – are you the kind of person that dresses in green for the occasion?  I’m not, I’ll be totally honest.  I don’t really think about the “holiday” that much and usually go about my day as usual, not thinking about what to wear aaaand then I usually […]

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