Pretty Things

Daily Dose of Pretty | 46 | Make Your Mark by Paper and Honey

I am really loving these inspirational digital drawings by artist and designer, Laura Huston, of the lovely blog Paper & Honey so much right now.  They are so beautiful right?  But besides just being pretty to look at, they offer a little nudge of encouragement, a “go-get-’em-tiger” bit of motivation as Laura says.  I also love […]

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DIY Metallic Clay Vases

Today I wanted to share a really simple way to dress up some plain glass vases.  If you’re like me, you probably have some standard glass florist’s vases hanging around your house and this is a fun way to dress them up a bit.  I was inspired by the metallic texture of West Elm’s honeycomb […]

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Daily Dose of Pretty | 44 | Papercuts by Debbie Geddes

Good morning!  Get ready to have your mind blown by some of the most intricate and delicate hand papercuts you’ve ever seen by artist, Debbie Geddes. Love Me for a Second | There Are Always Flowers… | Love Begins with a Smile | The Simple Things Amazing, right?  Each one is hand cut with a scalpel from a single sheet […]

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