Eat Clean

Make Ahead Breakfast Burritos

Happy Monday!  How was your weekend?  I spent yesterday morning getting these ready for the week – breakfast burritos that I can throw in the freezer and re-heat throughout the week so we can have a healthy, filling breakfast without putting much thought, time or effort in to it each morning. Parker loves these because […]

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Kale Cubes for Smoothies

This is definitely not a very sexy post, but I thought I would share anyway because it’s kind of brilliant.  A way to sneak in one of the best-for-you superfoods in to your smoothies without much hassle and without worrying about your leafy greens wilting or going bad before you get a chance to use […]

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Clean Eating Lemon Biscotti Recipe – with Protein!

This recipe is one I’ve made a few times and each time the batch hasn’t last very long.  They’re so good!  Definitely husband approved, plus packed with protein, sugar free (with the exception of natural sugars from unsweetened apple sauce) and virtually no fat so this is a good-for-you treat as well. Once again, we’re […]

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