Custom Beer Labels for Valentine’s Day

Can we all agree that Valentine’s Day is mostly a girl’s holiday?  A chance to get doted on with flowers, chocolates, and sweet nothings by their significant other.  But dudes don’t necessarily get the same treatment in return because, let’s be honest, it’s so hard to get them anything fitting for the holiday!  Flowers and […]

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Sequined Party Hat

I should be packing, running last minute errands for travel size hairspray and giving myself a trendy manicure since I leave for Alt Summit in less than 24 hours (all highly important things for attending a blogging conference), but I had to pop in to show you this sparkly party hat I made for one […]

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DIY Business Card Holder

I’m going to Alt Summit next week (I’m SO EXCITED!!!) and I needed something snazzy to put all the business cards I’m no doubt going to collect from other bloggers and brands in, plus to keep my own in for passing out so I’m not digging around in my purse to find them.  For those […]

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