On Postpartum Bodies

I read this letter recently, standing in the kitchen during a quiet moment making dinner, and I couldn’t help but let out a small sob as I read this part: Body, you were a rockstar during labor and delivery. I trusted you to handle the pain of a natural childbirth, since you’d been there once […]

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Nursery Things

I’m 16 weeks pregnant as of yesterday and I’ve started accumulating a few items here and there that will go into the nursery of our little babe.  So far, we don’t have any of the necessities like a crib or rocking chair, but we’ve collected a few personal items that are sweet reminders of who […]

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Eclectica Kiddo

View from Above by Ekaterina Trukhan Yesterday’s post reminded me that I haven’t yet given a proper introduction to the awesome new art line for children that a couple of my friends just started.  Emily Mann, my friend and neighbor who gifted us all with the best gingerbread recipe ever, is one half of Eclectica Kiddo, a fabulous […]

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