52 weeks


Getting bigger every.single.day.  Everywhere we go people comment on how big he is for a three month old.  It seems like we went from comments of “Oh he’s so tiny” to “Wow, he’s so big” overnight.  Born at 7 lbs and already 17 and change (exclusively breastfed and I’m kiiinda impressed by that, not gonna […]

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Charlie started gripping things on purpose this week, which feels really big and exciting.  Also: peek-a-boo is hilarious to him and lots of my day is spent popping out from behind a napkin or my sweater to make him laugh. Loving this sweet time. Three months is fun.  :)

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So, over the years I’ve seen several bloggers post 52 week photo projects, usually as a series capturing their children and now that I have  child, I see the appeal of capturing little moments of your babes every week to look over at the end of the year.  So this is our first image in […]

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