Blue Mason Jars now on Amazon

Blue MasonsBlue Masons by All Sorts of PrettyIn the year leading up to my wedding, I collected all of these blue mason jars to be used as vases.  I still love them and keep them displayed, taking one down when I have flowers to fill it with.  The antique ones aren’t nearly as hard to find as they used to be since antiques dealers know how much people love them now, but they are pretty pricey (for that exact same reason).81J263-B5vL._SL1500_Good news though!  Ball finally got the memo that everyone is crazy for the blue jars and they started manufacturing them again!  I first saw them at the grocery store but I haven’t been able to find them again.  You can get a 6-pack on Amazon for just $13.

I love it!  How pretty it would be to actually can with them, lining rows of shelves of your pantry with these beauties.  Or if you don’t can, fill them with dried goods like beans, rice, and pasta.  Or display them in a window and watch the sun cast little blue shadows on the wall.  So many possibilities.  Oh I love my blue masons!

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