Bathroom Renovation – Before

bathroom plans

Yesterday, as you may have seen already, we started demolition of our bathroom.   Our micro-size space needs some serious updating and brightening up, not to mention storage solutions.  Almost everything is original to this 1958 house (with the exception of the shower doors, which are below) and I think it’s time we usher it into the twenty-first century.

Our plans include white everything (paint, subway tile, vanity, curtains) with chrome accents.  I would love to do all polished brass, but Parker said no.  Plus, chrome is so much cheaper and easier to find, and this tiny bathroom is already costing us way more per square foot than any other room in our house, so chrome will have to do.

1bathroom before

I know what you’re thinking – “You don’t like that brown tile?!?”  I know, crazy.  But, it’s gotta go.  For reals.  When we first bought this house, we immediately switched out the toilet because it was one of those that has the wood toilet seat and the toilet bowl was so badly stained that it looked like someone had an unfortunate accident in it at all times.  (*barf).  So, this picture really doesn’t even show the extent of the ugliness when we first bought the house.

2bathroom before

Check out those shower doors!  Gold and frosted swans.  It looks like that fabulous addition was added sometime in the 80s or early 90s.  It really compliments the brown tile, don’t you think?

3bathroom before

I actually don’t hate our sink, but it’s lack of any vanity storage makes it completely impractical.  We’re having a vanity custom built since the space is really limiting – it can only be 17″ deep MAX!  Our builder is making us one with two drawers and a shelf at the bottom for towels.  The image above is what I gave him for inspiration (it’s from here) but it will be smaller and have two drawers instead of four.

And that medicine cabinet actually does offer some good storage, but it’s placed so high that someone of my height (5’6″) can only see collar bone-up in the mirror.  And it’s too small.  We’re thinking of going HUGE with the next medicine cabinet.  One that takes up that whole wall that will give us tons of storage and make the room feel bigger with all that mirror.  We’ll see.
4bathroom before

I know.  Our disgusting shower, which no amount of scrubbing or bleaching will help, shouldn’t be posted on the internet for all to see.  But since this is a Before post, I figure I’d put it all out there.  Our plans for the shower include removing the doors and replacing with a shower curtain, having some cut-outs built in the wall for shampoo, etc storage, taking the white subway tile to the ceiling, replacing all fixtures with new chrome ones, and while we’re not going to replace the tub, we will have it professionally refinished and reglazed so it will look brand new.  Oh, and marble hex tile for the floor, which I am really excited about.

bathroom plansOur crew was in there all day yesterday jack-hammering through 2″ of tile and mortar.  I’m really excited to see the new space.  They will also be finishing up the kitchen, which needs tiling and shelves installed.  Everything should be done in about two weeks, fingers crossed!

What do you think?  Do you like my plans, or do you think it’s way boring without any color?  I should mention that I do plan to bring in some color with new Turkish towels, like these.  Have you heard of, or ever used, Turkish towels?  They’re super thin, but supposedly very absorbent and dry much more quickly than traditional fluffy bath towels.  And I’ve noticed in such a small space that our towels take longer to dry and smell much faster than in our old bathroom, so I’m willing to give them a shot.



13 Responses to “Bathroom Renovation – Before”

  1. Andrea

    I like the idea of the all white and chrome. It will keep it clean and fresh for the small space, and possibly make it look larger. Additionally it will make it easy for you to change out color theme if you want based upon season/holiday. Bathrooms are one of the easiest rooms to change out for holidays/season with just a couple of items such as towels.

    • Katy

      Oh yeah I hadn’t even thought of that! I’m excited to have a clean, blank space. I think it will feel so fresh.

  2. Kaycee

    I like your choices, and the towels are very pretty! I need to redo my bathroom too, but first I need to find a contractor I can trust. I’d copy some of your decisions because I’ve always loved white subway tile. It’s so timeless! Your decision on the chrome will later appeal to a larger variety of buyers too if you ever decide to sell the house. Can’t wait to see your finished space :)

  3. Claudine

    I also like the white and chrome. It looks polished and very nice. I do however have one suggestion. (I am not a designer by any means, just my personal opinion :) The link I pasted below would look great in your bathroom I think.(or something similar) The bathroom is a little small from what I remember and placing these tiles vertically facing the window could potentially make the bathroom look longer/bigger. The touch of other solid colors on the tiles will break up a little of the all white from the walls and vanity without changing it too much. Good luck, I am sure no matter what you decide it is going to look great Katy!

  4. Susan Atwood

    I think you will never regret going all white. It is timeless and you will love it for many years. So classy! Can’t wait to see the finished product.

  5. Julie Kuberski

    This bathroom is going to be a DREAM! Can’t wait to see it all finished… I’ve got serious envy over all your home renovations. :) Those floors + walls are to die for, and are fairly similar to my plans for my future kitchen! Great minds think alike, no? ;)

    • Katy

      Aw thanks, Julie! It will still be a teeny-weeny bathroom, but I think these changes will make a WORLD of difference. And you really can’t go wrong with marble and white subway tile in my opinion, so if you do this to your kitchen one day it will be gorg.

  6. Audrey

    If I had a bathroom I’d want it monochromatic and bright. For this reason, I love your plans! Throw a bright green plant in there and bam! Beautiful bathroom!

    • Katy

      Oooh, you are so right! I hadn’t even thought of plants, but adding one will be perfect for this space. Thanks Audrey!!


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