Baby Shower


How about a really happy post after my last, really sad one?  Yes, I think that’s a great idea.  :)

I had a baby shower a couple weeks ago and it was so awesome!  My friends Stephanie and Emily threw me a small gathering with my closest ladies, Minted sent some of their awesome party decor, and my friend Audra came to take pictures.  Life lesson: it’s good to have talented friends because they sure know how to make a special occasion even more special.

There are lots of pictures in this post, so let’s just get to it!


I offered to host the shower at my house because a few people hadn’t had a chance to see the progress we’ve made since buying a year ago, plus it was great motivation to finally get the projects done that I’ve been meaning to do before the baby comes.  There’s nothing like the threat of company to make you get your act together and finally tackle that to-do list.  It made me a little crazy, I have to admit, and I ran around like a (very pregnant) chicken with it’s head cut off for a couple weeks leading up to the shower, but I am so so glad I had that deadline to meet.  It was such a huge relief to check off so many tasks in a short period of time.  And it was fun to let everyone see the nursery! (Which, I don’t have pictures of yet, sorry..)
KDeBBabyShower_005 copySecret’s out: we’re planning on naming our little boy Charlie.  :)

Oh, and also: The FOOD.  You guys.  I didn’t lift a finger and this amazing spread just materialized on my table.  It was amazing.







Mimosas were served, but my friend Stephanie made sure to have a mocktail version for me and it was dang delicious.  I drank so many that, had they been the real thing, I would have been slizzard.


All of the party decor you see, including this sweet “Oh Baby” banner is part of the “Colorful Balloons” party decor set from Minted.  And one thing that I love about Minted is that  everything is completely customizable – so, this is actually listed as a kids birthday party set, but it was easily made baby shower-appropriate by some simple tweaks from the Minted designers.

Minted has done invitations and all sorts of stationary for a long time, but the party decor has only been out for a year or two I think.  This was my first time seeing it, and I thought it was awesome.  It makes a party come together really fast so the hostess isn’t fretting over the details last minute and can enjoy the day.  I will definitely be remembering that little fact when it comes time to throw Charlie a birthday party because, as much as I would like my kid’s birthday to be some awesome, everything-hand-made, completely custom and over-the-top shindig you’d find on Pinterest, I just don’t see myself putting that much effort toward a little kid’s birthday party.  Pre-made party decor for the win.

I laughed when I saw what Emily had picked out for the shower because she picked a color theme that already kind of coordinated with my house and that is so a detail that I appreciated.


Dude.  I’ve had so much fun gaining baby weight, can you tell?  ;)  #pizzaallthetime

Also: this shelf with the pegs in the photo below?  I built that the day before the shower while Parker was at work so he couldn’t yell at me for working too hard.  I TOLD YOU, I was a crazy person.



I baked these mini pumpkin spice bread loaves for everyone because every time I thought about how kind it was that people actually wanted to come and give presents to celebrate Charlie entering the world, I got a little sappy and emotional.  So when that happens, I bake.  KDeBBabyShower_010

It’s been so long since I did any house updates (sorry…) but this is how we have the living room arranged now.  It’s so much better.  We never used the room before because it was just awkward, but it’s much more homey and inviting now.




This garland is actually not a part of the Minted party decor set, but instead the creation of co-hostess, Emily. I told you – it pays to have talented friends!  I think she’s going to post a tutorial on how she did it over on the Eclectica Kiddo blog (she and my other friend, Laura are the founders of that crazy sweet company) so keep an eye out if you want to make one too.

I loved it so much that it’s hanging in the nursery now, which I have got to post about soon because it’s so stinkin‘ cute.

These invites were so cute, and backed with a pretty striped pattern.  I’m definitely saving mine to put in Charlie’s first baby book.

So that’s it!  The afternoon was a total blast and went by in a flash.  I felt so loved and spoiled and it’s always great to have a bunch of your favorite people in one place.  Thank you to my lovely friends and family who made me feel so special.  And thank you to Minted who sent over all of the gorgeous party decor.  I have been such a fan of their products since we ordered our wedding stationary from them a few years ago (you can that see in this post).

And a special thank you to Audra Starr who shot all of these lovely pictures.  Let me tell you a quick story about Audra: We first met in college when I was the teaching assistant for Photography 101 and she was a student.  Fast forward all these years and she has WAY more to teach me than I could ever teach her, which I’m hoping she will do one day :).  She has her own photography business, which you should check out here, AND she writes a blog with three of her close friends called You Can Sit With Us, which is just the sweetest and you should be following.  Also: she has two adorable little kids, but you would never know it by looking at her because she does Crossfit on the regular. The girl is hot.  Anyway.

In other baby news: our due date is in two and a half weeks (October 15), but I am betting this baby is here this week.  I just have a feeling.  And mother’s intuition is a real thing, right?  Guess I better pack my hospital bag and install the car seat (ah!).  Anyway, I’ll probably update Instagram or Facebook with the big news before this blog, so follow along there for an early glimpse of the cuteness if you’re interested.  :)

Full disclosure: I was gifted the party decor from Minted, but I really did love it and I always go there first for any kind of stationary I need.  All thoughts and opinions are my own.  Obviously.

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  1. Shannon J. Perkins

    I love this baby shower of yours. Simple, yet so awesome! It’s really great to have those good friends who will take charge of everything. Well, this is such a cute shower.

  2. Julie Kuberski

    What a gorgeous shower! Also, you may be nuts for building that shelf the day before… but dang, girl! It is so awesome! I want one of my own now. You can tell this shower was a labor of love from you + all of your friends/family who helped. Charlie is a lucky boy.


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