Baby Boy Nursery

Baby Boy Nursery

Bamboo light fixture from World Market | felt ball garland DIY | Crib and dresser from Ikea | Wooden bird mobile from Petit Collage | Yellow rug from The Pattern Society | American flag pillow and red pouf from World Market | Red school bus art print from Eclectica Kiddo | Colorblock baskets from Target | Vintage Thonet Rocker | Yellow school bus print by Blanca Gomez | Traffic Jam art print by Blanca Gomez | Girl and balloons art print by Blanca Gomez | Bonjour Mademoiselle art print by Blanca Gomez | Girl and balloon art print by Blanca Gomez

At 23 weeks pregnant, I better get started soon on baby boy’s nursery.  So far, I‘ve mostly just gathered (one million) ideas on Pinterest, and then narrowed them down to what you see here.  To be honest, I think I would have chosen most of these items even if I were having a girl.  I picked them out before we knew what gender our little love would be and figured I could make them work either way.  Also, our next kid will have to share this room, and I probably won’t want to completely redecorate, so it’s good that this look could work well for a girl as well, if we end up having a daughter.  Plus, I’m not big on overtly gender specific prints, patterns, colors, or anything, so I feel like this is fun and imaginative without screaming BOY.

When I first found out I was pregnant, of course one of the first things I started researching was a crib.  It’s the main focus of a nursery, right?  Well, there are some gorgeous cribs out there and they are not cheap.  And in the end, I decided that Ikea makes a crib that is just fine (though I may paint it for fun).  Same goes for the dresser/changing table.  I could agonize and spend a lot of money on something, or I could get this one that is affordable and modern looking and maybe even jazz it up a little.  Plus, in my experience, Ikea dressers hold up to a lot of abuse (I moved mine to five different apartments over four years) so it’s perfect for this space.

Last year when I posted about the illustrator and artist Blanca Gomez, I knew I wanted her prints to be in our nursery whenever that would be.  I just love her carefree images and the clean and modern-yet-classic (if that is such a thing) feel to her work.  Her prints remind me so much of my favorite books growing up so I knew it was important for me to frame some of her work for the nursery.  I’m also totally smitten with this red school bus canvas print from my friend’s art line, Eclectica Kiddo (remember when I wrote about them?).  That dog peeking out of the back window – isn’t it the sweetest?!

That bentwood Thonet rocker is actually being passed down to us from my grandmother (this isn’t the exact one, but it’s close).  We are driving up to Maryland to get it next month (along with an amazing rocking horse my grandfather built for my brother and me when we were little) and I’m excited to 1.) incorporate a family heirloom and 2.) not spend any money on this!  At least, I’m hoping this rocking chair will work for us because those things are pricey and I really don’t want to buy one!

World Market is killing it, as usual, and that light fixture will work perfectly in the space I think.  Though I think I will add an adapter to make it fit two light bulbs instead of one since it’s going to be lighting the whole room.  Also, this owl lamp will be sitting on the dresser for when I don’t want to turn on the overhead light.

I am obsessed with those Target baskets for some reason.  I actually bought those before I bought anything else because I was afraid they would sell out and I would be devastated.  I’m not sure what I’ll put in them, but I’m SURE they will come in handy.

I’ve loved that bamboo wood mobile since I saw it over a year ago so I’m going to find a place for it somewhere, even if it’s not right over the crib.  I feel like there should be something a little more fun to hang over the crib, so this one might go over the changing station.

As for curtains, I know how imporant it is to have blackout shades for naptimes or like in the summer, when it’s still light out at 9:30pm.  I’m still working out the details, but I think I’m going to get some bamboo roman shades with blackout backing fabric.  This is going to have to be DIY, so I’ll let you know how it goes.

Anyways!  That’s the start of our nursery!  What do you think?

9 Responses to “Baby Boy Nursery”

  1. Julie Kuberski

    I love the retro modern feel you’ve got going on here! I’m sure it’ll be a totally lovely room. My mom had one of those rockers too… I think she gave it to my oldest sister when she had a baby. And those baskets from Target! I’ve seen those whenever I go in and keep telling myself to put them on my wedding registry. You may have just convinced me to finally do it, haha. :)

  2. Donna

    Love your ideas! Gender neutral is the way to go so you can reuse. Great choices and I’m sure his wardrobe will be just as stylish. I’m hoping for a black out shade DIY blog post, too.

  3. Chy Parker

    Love this! I can’t wait until we’re finally ready to settle down.. until then, Pinterest it is! Congrats and I can’t wait to see more!

  4. Sarah Stäbler

    Love it! You’ve got awesome taste. It’s fun to dream up the nursery! My boy doesn’t have one yet but I enjoyed decorating a little corner of our room for him above his changing table.

  5. Susan Atwood

    This is perfect! It fits the house and you two. (Oops three)


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