All Sorts of Pretty Pins

All Sorts of Pretty Pins - August 13It may be a bit presumptuous since the house we’re in the middle of buying isn’t technically ours yet (closing isn’t until 6 weeks from now), but my thoughts are consumed these days of dreaming about what our house will look like when we make our mark on it.  How it will be decorated, what kind of creative ideas I’ll come up with to enhance the space or find solutions for some problem areas.  I haven’t been this lost in daydreaming since I got engaged and started planning our wedding (see those pins here).  So, naturally, my Pinterest is primarily consumed by home decor ideas as well.

I’ve started a new board for just ideas that I think will fit in to our first home, called The New Homestead.  My old board, Home Sweet Home, is still a place I pin my someday ideas and pretty homes to look at.  These are some pins that are fueling my imagination this week.

Favorite Kitchen Pin: White subway tile, open shelving and butcherblock countertops are not only budget-friendly, but exactly the look I want.  Win-win.

Favorite Indoor Plant Pin: I am determined to bring life in to our space with plants in every room…hanging from the ceiling, perched in windowsills, sitting pretty on a shelf, you name it.  I just hope I can keep them alive.

Favorite Table Pin: My dad is going to help me make a new kitchen table and we are starting with an old Singer sewing machine base I recently picked up on Craigslist for $40.  I am so excited for this project!

Favorite DIY Project Pin: I love the minimal look of this floating credenza and the fact that it will be so easy to sweep the hardwood floors under it.  Parker and I plan to build one for our TV to be mounted above and to hide any and all wires.

Favorite Deck Pin: The house doesn’t currently have a deck, but we plan to build one in the Springtime to enjoy the outdoors.  I like that this one has built-in seating and pillows to get cozy with.

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