All Sorts of Pretty Pins

All-Sorts-of-Pretty-Pins-June-5Here’s what is catching my eye this week on Pinterest:

Favorite Girl Crush Pin (this is me, in a dream) | Favorite Boozy Popsicle Pin (Wouldn’t these be fun to make for a party?  Boozy for the grownups, and just plain for the kiddos?) | Favorite Summertime Pin (A perfect picnic scene I would like to find myself in) | Favorite Travel Inspiration Pin (A sailboat dream that I actually might be finding myself in later this year…) | Favorite DIY Project (I have an old ladder that is in desperate need of being turned in to something useful.) | Favorite Recipe Pin (Watermelon, Avocado and Tomato – YUM!  Flavors of Summer.) | Favorite Home Decor Pin (An all white kitchen with subway tile is my dream.)


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