All Sorts of Pretty Pins

All Sorts of Pretty Pins - Sept 12I’m seeing lots of ideas for DIY projects on Pinterest lately so I thought this week I would round up my favorites.  I’m in a big DIY inspiration gathering mode right now with first-time-home-ownership looming in less than two weeks (yay!!) and all of these projects look like so much fun.

DIY Hanging Pendant Lamp, by Design & Form.  Made from a regular pendant lamp you can buy inexpensively (Ikea has one for $5), plus a mylar covered toilet paper roll.  Ummm, genius!  And a perfect start to the lamp I mentioned yesterday that  I would like to try to make.

Half Circle Air Plant Holder.  This is actually a product you can buy from a fabulous seller on Etsy, Michael McDowell (aka mudpuppy).  Obviously, you should buy one if you can because 1.) it will be better than anything you can make yourself and 2.) you would be supporting an artisan who makes a living selling these gorgeous things.  However, I like the shape and the hanging design of these and think it would look neat to make a grouping smaller versions out of cut and painted recycled goods, like plastic bottles and – you guessed it! – toilet paper rolls.  I would love to have the real terra cotta version though for our house so I’m adding a couple of these to the top of my wish list.

Triangle Mirrors.  Again, this is not a DIY tutorial, but more of an inspiration image.  You can buy one of these awesome mirrors on Etsy (from Made for Each Other), but I’ve been enjoying using my dad’s power tools so much that it makes me think I might be able to come up with something similar (like in a hexagon shape!).

Concrete Cheese Board.  Never would have thought of this one, but I think it’s so cool.  Make this by mixing concrete and pouring in to tupperware, then popping out when it’s dry.  Looks super impressive, but seems fairly simple to make.

Burned Match Art.  I saw a giant piece of art made from burned matches recently and thought it was so cool.  From far away, you can’t tell what it is and it just looks like a cool textured piece.  But up close you realize it’s a bunch of partially burned matches and it blows your mind.  This one would be tedious and take some work, but I bet you could come up with some really unique designs.

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