All Sorts of Pretty Pins

All Sorts of Pretty Pins - Sept 3Felling lots of neutrals this week.  I think that’s hinting that Fall is coming and things get quieter, a little more muted in the fall.  I am so excited for the turn of seasons, like never before.  Usually I mourn the last of summer and brace myself for the chilly days of fall, but this year is different.  This fall I’ll be making a new home for Parker and I (and the little ones we hope to have!) and I’m excited to see the leaves change in our new neighborhood, experience autumn in a new place.  We’re only moving across town, but it’s a part of town Ive never really explored at length before so it will be an adventure.

Anyway!  These are the pins inspiring me at the moment.

Favorite DIY Pin: These silk flowers dipped in flowers are so cool.  I think they would cool as a wall installation if you took the candles out.

Favorite Photography Pin: Pretty girls dressed in flowy white dresses, being pretty in a field will never get old, will it?

Favorite Wish List Pin: I love these wooden measuring spoons so much.  Going on the Christmas list for sure.

Favorite Home Decor Pin: Industrial Rustic is a style I’m really feeling right now.

Favorite Fall Wardrobe Pin: A big, cozy sweater to cuddle up in while drinking coffee in the morning.

Favorite Food Pin: Roasted figs with honey balsamic drizzle and goat cheese.  Count me in!

Tell me, are you excited for fall this year?  Are your pins starting to reflect the change of seasons (I’m seeing lots of Halloween pins coming out already!)

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