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God bless America and polo onesies with pockets.  And fat little feet that are always wiggling. :)

This week:

– Charlie’s first tooth popped through the surface!  Yay, Charlie!

– Spring came through Atlanta, allowing us all to get out for a walk to the park in short sleeves, thus the polo onesie made it’s debut.

– I felt like Charlie and I developed an even closer bond than we already have.  He is so attuned to me, always following me with his eyes when I move around the room.  Making deep, long eye contact and gently touching my face while nursing.  Giving me BIG big smiles when I kiss his belly or tickle him.  Yesterday morning, I asked Parker to entertain him for a few minutes in bed so I could get, like, 3 more minutes of sleep since I have a sinus infection and am not sleeping well.  I rolled over to have some space but felt a tiny hand grasping at my back and when I turned to look, he was all smiles and eyes on me.  He wanted both of us to play!  Who needs sleep with that kind of invitation?

AHH!  The best ever, this is just the best thing I’ve ever experienced.  I love being Charlie’s mom.

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