7of52This sweet boy!  Waking up for party time at 4:00 and 5:00 in the morning a few times this week.  Not upset, just…awake and ready to play!  So, we play.  We get up and do some tummy time, play in the exersaucer, read some books.  Until he gets tired again (read: cranky) and goes back down to sleep for a blissful 2-3 more hours.  It seems like our life is one big cycle of sleep, wake happy, play, get mad, sleep.  Repeat all throughout the day.  It’s blissful and challenging all at the same time but there is absolutely nothing else in the world I would rather be doing.  I love Charlie so very, very much.

Also of note this week: I read this book and proceeded to get rid of 90% of my clothes (or more?) and decluttered every square inch of our house in between naps.  It feels like 500 lbs has been lifted off my shoulders!  A must read!

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  1. Susan Atwood

    I admire and love your attitude to mommyhood. It has alot of routine and monotonous things but being on this side of it I can say without a doubt you will never regret the time you spend with Charlie. It will be the sweetest memories that you will treasure for ever!

    • Katy

      Thanks Susan. I feel totally in my element and I know without a doubt that motherhood is where I’m supposed to be. Everything else in my life before this was practice for motherhood. I love this guy so very much!


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