6of52Four months old.  We had a check up with the pediatrician this week and his official stats are: 18 lbs 12oz, 25″ long, 17.25″ head circumference. Big boy!

The stomach bug that Parker and I had last week gave way to colds for all of us this week. Finally, we’re all on the upswing and almost feeling back to normal.  Charlie was a champ through it all, but he has expressed disdain for the nose frida (even though I think it’s the best invention ever).

I love this little guy so, so much.  At four months, Charlie is animated, laughs a lot, talks a lot, and is generally a joy to be around.  I couldn’t pick just one picture for this week’s post, so here are my favorites:Untitled1

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  1. Laura Dennison

    He just fills my heart with joy! I am also sorry those pillows are not hanging together very well.


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