Getting bigger every.single.day.  Everywhere we go people comment on how big he is for a three month old.  It seems like we went from comments of “Oh he’s so tiny” to “Wow, he’s so big” overnight.  Born at 7 lbs and already 17 and change (exclusively breastfed and I’m kiiinda impressed by that, not gonna lie).  I’m constantly reminded that Parker was 6 feet tall by the time he was in 6th grade and that my little guy will only be littler than me for a very short time.  It makes me squeeze him a little tighter, hold my gaze a little longer, willing him to stay small in my arms as long as possible. (If only so I don’t have to keep buying him new clothes!  His cute Gap pajamas sized 6-12 months that my sister in law gifted us lasted all of three weeks. Oy.)

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