I declare that 2013 will be the best year EVER!  2012 was pretty awesome and will be tough to beat, what with getting married to the loveliest man in the whole world and all, but 2013 is up for the challenge, I just know it.  I’ve decided to start things off with a bang (i.e. risk!) by quitting my job that while has perks such as working with my family and a steady, cushy salary, has left me unfulfilled and craving a life that feels more like my own.  No more 9-5 desk job!  Bring it on craft life and blog life and housewifery!  I’m ready to devote my life to making things pretty on a full time basis.


Since I happen to be leaving my job in January, it feels like the perfect time to set some resolutions for this new life I’m creating for myself.

Resolution 1: The Obligatory Eat Better and Exercise More Resolution.  Everyone makes this one right?  I know I do every year and I always start off with some strict plan that inevitably fails me and makes me feel like a big fat failure.  There’s a fine line – I believe you should have a plan, but it should be realistic enough to follow the plan.  And now that I won’t be having to get up at 5am to hit the gym before work, and I don’t have kids, there’s really no excuse is there?  Plus I really do love to cook, so I resolve to make sure our meals are healthy and delicious about 90% of the time (any more than that and life is just not worth living!)


Resolution 2: Make a Life List.  I first heard about this concept on Snippet & Ink and loved the idea but never did one.  It’s time I write down – and then set about doing – things that make me happy and that I may or may not ordinarily get around to doing.  The point of the life list is that hopefully if you’ve committed yourself to doing it, you’ll actually do it rather than letting time pass by without enjoying the simple things.  For example, this past fall I thought it would be fun to go apple picking.  But life got in the way and we found excuses to stay home rather than make the drive.  And I still hate that we never got around to apple picking!  I feel certain a life list will make me more proactive and help me really enjoy the present rather than letting it pass by.


Resolution 3: Photograph More.  I used to be really in to photography.  And by “really in to” I mean I majored in it in college.  And then I promptly found a 9-5 job upon graduating that paid me a salary and gave me health insurance and I kind of fell out of making pretty pictures.  But this year I’d like to get back to my creative roots, and first by starting to photograph more again.  Here’s one from my college days:


Resolution 4: Less Coffee, More Tea.  Ugh, I hate that I love coffee so much!  I hate that I need to dump a bunch of sweetener and half and half in to it in order to drink any.  I hate that if I don’t have my coffee I feel sluggish and get headaches.  Oh but I do love the warmth and richness of coffee in the mornings.  So that’s why I resolve to not give it up, just try to drink less.  And on occasion  drink hot tea instead.  Tea drinkers seem so sophisticated and well traveled too, so maybe I’ll seem sophisticated and well traveled?!  Here’s hoping!


Resolution 5: Less Internet, More Books.  Before I got my iPhone, I was like “who needs internet connection on their phone anyway?”  I used my phone as a phone only and browsed the internet like a normal person on a computer.  Now I can’t even wait an entire stoplight without checking my phone – craziness!  So this year – and this is going to be the hardest one of all to stick to, I just know it – I resolve to try to be better and unplug more often.  Read books before going to bed and not mindlessly check my pinterest, instagram, twitter, google reader, that cute kitten video chasing a laser pointer…  All that fast paced, image driven, instant gratification is wonderful, but it has given me ADD, I’ll tell you what.  And I don’t read nearly as much as I used to.


Resolution 6: “If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again.”  I mean let’s face it, something like 80% of people fail their resolutions in the first couple weeks of January, right?  So instead of throwing my hands up and just going back to old habits, I resolve to let myself fail – and not beat myself up – and then start again when I can.  Sounds kind of wussy, and maybe it is…but maybe if we all gave ourselves permission to fail as long as we got back up on the horse, eventually we’d stop falling off the horse as often.  And thus, better habits would be formed!  Hallelujah!


So – with that I declare it’s officially ON with 2013.  Let’s do this! (So much declaration in this post.  Makes me think of this hilarious Office episode).

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