Yesterday was the very last day of the Altitude Design Summit but Parker and I are staying a little longer to tackle #1 on my 28 by 29 list of learning to ski!  We decided to learn skiing rather than snowboarding because the concierge at our hotel convinced us that snowboarding is super hard and for the more advanced…and by promising that we would “hate our lives” if we skipped skiing and went straight to the board.  Sold.  And if I want to ski for the first time in my life, what better place than Utah and these gorgeous Rockies to do so, right?  It’s tempting to take an earlier flight home to sleep in our own bed and see our sweet Frankie dog after being gone for over a week, but I’m more excited to play in some snow and take in some views.

Hope you’ve had a great weekend so far!  Here are some fun, pretty links to enjoy:

With all the traveling I’ve been doing lately, I’m craving a sturdy leather bag like this one to cart around everywhere.

What’s your favorite shade?  Mine is “Coral Crush”

I wish I had a stylist friend to come over and help me pick out pretty outfits!

Fun, old fashioned illustration is my favorite.

Feeling festive?  Make a fabulous crown.

How do you plate your food?

Can’t wait to get home and make this for breakfast.

The Happiness Machine: A fascinating artle about how Google became the best place to work ever.

(photo by  ya qiu)

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