Wardrobe Envy – Travel Outfit

Wardrobe Envy - Travel Outfit (All Sorts of Pretty)Our anniversary trip is rapidly approaching (we leave Saturday!) and this pin reminded me that I need to think about what I should wear to the airport.  I never quite get it right: I almost always want to be comfortable, so sometimes I go too comfortable and end up feeling sloppy.  Or sometimes I want to be a little more fashionable and end up not wearing practical pieces.  So here is my ideal outfit that would be suitable for long security lines and long flights: both comfortable and stylish.

A lightweight, breezy top that’s breathable and not form fitting (does the combination of poor food options and air pressure make you feel bloated too?) with a comfortable pair of worn in jeans and durable leather flats.  Add a longer cardigan and a soft scarf for warmth, plus some cute sunglasses for nap-taking on the flight (and once you arrive at your destination) and my favorite – a crossbody bag that converts in to a backpack.  I have this bag and love it – I can wear it as a crossbody to have things like my wallet and camera at the ready, or use it as a backpack for longer walks if my shoulder starts to hurt.  Brilliant invention.

Of course this is for summer travel – winter travel is a different story and requires more careful planning if you’re cold natured like I am.  At least I don’t have to worry about that as much right now!

What would you wear to the airport?  Something similar, or are you one of those effortlessly chic women I see in 4″ heels and a cute dress that looks impossibly confident and stylish at the airport?  I always envy those women!


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