What a whirlwind!  Parker and I left cold New York, flew home for a total of 18 hours (just long enough to do a load of laundry and re-pack) and flew right back out to even colder Salt Lake City.  No, this cold is stupid.  Parker and I decided to walk to dinner last night, which was one mile away and about 3/4 of the way there I had to stop, duck inside a convenience store and buy crap we didn’t need just to buy some time inside.  But the place we went to dinner was so amazing – if you ever visit SLC, you have to go to Pallet.  The atmosphere and the interior design is that “rustic industrial with some hints of vintage” that is so hot right now and the food is unreal.  The gnoccci pillows are the best thing I’ve ever tasted.  Omg.

9bffbc6664f811e2999e22000a1f8afc_7And the check came in this antique book!  Squee!  How fun. 5f3a2696650111e2aa6822000a9f1730_7

And this hotel we’re staying at is so rad.  I had a mini heart attack when we checked in and they lost our reservation, but they found us a room.  And a sweet room it is too!  afterglow (1)5fa953c064e511e2a2e222000a9e48a3_7

At night you go to dinner and maids sneak in to turn down your bed, fill the ice buckets, turn on soothing music and leave you fuzzy slippers to wear.  Phat!  I could get used to this.


I feel like such a celeb while walking around this hotel room in my fancy hotel bathrobe and fuzzy slippers.  Clearly I’m not used to the star treatment as I act like this when I’m alone:55f2be7264f211e299e522000a9e28c4_7

Alt Summit starts today (eeek!) but not until this afternoon with the Hello Social being held at West Elm and hosted by Lexy Ward from The Proper Pinwheel so until then Parker and I are going to keep ourselves busy by renting a car and driving out to Park City where Sundance is being held and try to brush elbows with real celebs.  Or just sight-see (more likely).  Then dinner being sponsored by MailChimp at some other amazing SLC restaurant I’m sure.  So excited!  Tomorrow the learning begins though which is what I’m most looking forward to.  That and meeting all the other bloggers that inspire me every day and make me crazy jealous of their creativity :)  This new life is starting out pretty great and I can’t wait to see what’s ahead.

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Parker and I have spent the weekend in (a very cold) New York City, walking everywhere, eating everything and enjoying each other’s company as we celebrate starting a new chapter in life.  It hasn’t quite sunk in yet what my new life will look like, but I am so looking forward to figuring it out.  Right now I sit in this gorgeous hotel room writing this, about to pack up and head home, only to repack to head to Alt Summit tomorrow.  How exciting!  I can’t wait to meet so many other bloggers and soak up all there is to learn.  But for now I must go!  Check in again soon.


il_570xN.239598805No, I’m not moving to New York (but how romantic would that be?) but I am leaving my job today with mixed emotions, a little bit of sadness and whole lot of excited, nervous energy for my new life ahead.  Today is my very last day…half day even since I leave right after lunch for the airport.  All my work has been delegated, there’s really not much left for me to do and so I’m passing time by writing this blog and thinking about what this job has meant to me.  I have worked the past three and a half years with my mom, helping her to run her company, an audiology practice she’s had almost my entire life, but one we’ve grown together to new heights in my time here.  It’s been a good ride and I have learned so much about business and about being a boss (and a lot of what not to do if we’re being honest), but it’s time for me to get back to my creative roots and take on a new chapter in life.

Hands down, leaving my mom was one of the hardest decisions I’ve had to make – how many people are blessed enough to get to work alongside their mother (and quite honestly, their best friend) almost every single day for three years?  I do not take my time here for granted and it makes me a little emotional to think about not seeing her every day anymore, but it’s time.  Being that she’s the best mom ever, she is 100% supportive, as she always has been of every decision I’ve made and she is genuinely happy for me, though sad to lose me at the same time.  When I leave today, I will have emotions ranging from excitement to meet my husband in New York to extreme sadness to leave my mother behind.  It’s not like I won’t be seeing her on a regular basis, but still.  It’s the end of an era and sometimes that’s just sad. tumblr_ljoitcufNk1qab193o1_500     I totally stole this from my mom’s Pinterest page because she has taught me this my whole life and she believes it with her whole heart.  So today and in the days and weeks coming, in starting this new life of mine, I will remember what she taught me as I leave the security of a steady job and seek out something more fulfilling, but I will always be grateful for her and this time we had together.  Love you mom!

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I’m seeing a flurry of activity in blog land right from attendees of the Altitude Design Summit getting ready for next week.  I myself have been putting off getting ready since I am 1.) a die-hard procrastinator and 2.) still at my job – TOMORROW is my last day though!  EEE!

Parker and I are going to New York for a quick weekend trip tomorrow ( I leave my job after lunch and head straight to the airport screaming “FREEDOM!!” the entire way) then from New York head to Salt Lake City, Utah for Alt.  One thing that’s on my shopping list for NYC is a great notebook to take notes on during the conference.  This is a design bloggers conference, people – I cannot show up with a yellow notepad.  The pressure!  These are a few giving me some inspiration for what I would happily carry around during Alt.

Anyone else going to Alt?  Let’s meet up!


Last night I was going to bed and caught a look at myself in the mirror and laughed and said to my husband, “Look at me!  I look like a cross between a college student and a hobo!”  Right then and there I decided that my over-sized sweats and threadbare shirts were just not appropriate for newlywed sleepwear.  In my head I pictured watching an episode of “What Not to Wear” where Stacy and Clinton throw out the most unflattering, aged, shapeless and worn out items while the contestant pleads with them “But it’s so comfortable!!” – that cannot be me.  So I’m on a mission to find acceptable sleepwear that is both comfortable and cute (not necessarily “sexy” since that’s just not maintainable for every night, for me at least) but something I can lounge around the house in and go to sleep in all the while looking young, fresh and effortlessly chic.

allsortsofprettysleepwear1.) These J. Crew pajamas are polished enough (for sleepwear) to feel acceptable walking outside to get the newspaper. 2.) I’ve always wanted a sleepmask, especially for travel if you can’t block out all the light and this one has a sense of humor.  3.) I love the color of these and the pants look a little extra baggy, perfect for crawling inside a blanket to watch TV.  4.) I love sleeping in my husband’s shirts, but if I bought this sleepshirt, maybe he could have them back.  5.) I am also constantly stealing my husband’s socks (they’re the best!) but I’m sure he would appreciate me having my own.  6.) I’ve never done house slippers, but my feet are always freezing so maybe I should consider it.  7.) A feminine, comfy looking robe is something every woman should have in their closet and this one is perfect.