The Time I Totally Had a Balloon Party with Design Mom



So when I went to Alt Summit, the final keynote speaker was this fantastic aritst, named Katie Sokoler and she epitomizes color and youthful innocence and happiness in her art and in the way she lives.  She gave a great talk about her work and about how she went to college and her professors hated her ideas because she just wanted to make pretty, happy things and the art professors always want something dark and troubled (I talked last week about my similar experience here).  Anyway, at the end of her talk she surprised us all with balloons that were under our chairs and asked that we blow them up and start throwing them around like crazy – a balloon party!  She said the convention hall was too boring with it’s beige walls and formal chairs – we needed to inject some life in to the space.  It was so fun!

Cut to a few days ago when I’m browsing Design Mom as usual and see myself planted directly next to Gabrielle Blair, only the founder of Alt Summit and the amazing woman behind the blog Time Magazine named a top 50 website in 2010.  No big deal.  I do wish I was actually turned around and looking gleeful like Gabrielle…instead I think I had just turned around to reload my balloon supplies for throwing.  Ah well!  



I know it’s quite popular among bloggers to do weekend link roundups and I hadn’t planned on contributing my own, but I do love the idea of gathering favorite stories and posts from the week and putting them in one place.  It’s a fun show and tell to share, and fun to look back on at all the cool things you’ve seen.  Here are some fun link for your weekend.  I hope it’s a great one!

(top image) How gorgeous is this new BHLDN wedding dress?  I’m dying.

I am geeking out about these needlepoint iPhone cases and I just have to have one.

This is a fun manicure for upcoming Valentine’s Day!

I love this idea of birthday traditions when Parker and I have a family.

Congrats to fellow Atlantan blogger, Joni Lay, on her perfect new baby girl!

A surprisingly healthy (and beautifully photographed) dessert I must make.

…and a decidedly less healthy dessert I must talk myself out of making.

Anna has been killing me with her instagrams of what’s coming for her new spring line that she’s debuting at the NY International Gift Fair.

A favorite blog of mine and her great photos, one every hour for a day.

An unexpected Valentine’s surprise for a very special loved one.

Celebrity high school yearbook photos.  Even they are not immune to awkward years.





Aren’t these the sweetest Valentine’s cards?  Valentine’s Day gets a bad rap but with cards like these, it’s easy look past the cheap red roses & baby’s breath bouquets, drug store milk chocolate boxes and cheesy stuffed animals.  These cards (and maybe a small, thoughtful token of affection) would be a much sweeter gift to receive.  I love supporting independent artists too, so this way you show some love to your honey and the smaller shops too.  Win-win!

Where to buy these great cards:

Sycamore Street Press | one | two | three

Parrot Design Studio | one | two | three (clockwise from left)

Rifle Paper Co. | one | two | three | four | five (clockwise from left)

Happy Dappy Bits | one | two | three (clockwise from left)


bhldn gloves - allsortsofpretty

bhldnHalcyon Gloves


Pretty things are so important.  This blog was originally named “The Importance of Pretty” because I truly believe there is something special in appreciating pretty things and embracing – or just even seeing – the beauty that surrounds us.  Of course I changed the title of the blog to All Sorts of Pretty because it’s much shorter and easier to type, but I firmly believe in the importance of pretty.

This “Daily Dose of Pretty” is a new series I’m working on designed to make you stop and appreciate something beautiful every day.  When I was in college and working on an art degree, my professors hated this idea.  They thought “eye candy” was amateurish and all art should have some deep meaning or theory behind it.  There should be suffering or an epiphany or something conceptual about the art.  And most of it was ugly and didn’t speak to me.  I love pretty things!  I like things that make me smile or crazy jealous (in a good way) and make me stop thinking about whatever it was I was thinking about and just admire something beautiful.

Today’s Daily Dose of Pretty are these gloves from BHLDN.  Sometimes I wish we still lived in a time where all the women wore pretty gloves like this to special occasions  like weddings or brunch or to church.  Wearing pretty dresses with petticoats underneath – how fun!  What is more feminine or charming or unexpected in today’s world than a pair of delicate gloves?  Click on any of the pictures above to be taken to their product page.

Would you wear decorative gloves like this that serve little or no purpose for warmth, but instead just add a vintage and feminine touch to your look?


Okay, so by now I’m sure most people have either forgotten about or failed several of their resolutions – I mean, who even mentions those lists after mid-January anyway?  But this year I am determined dammit!  So, I thought I would check in and honestly evaluate.  Let’s go through the list, shall we?

Resolution 1: The Obligatory Eat Better and Exercise More Resolution.  Okay, well you see, the thing is, I just………Ugh!  I was doing pretty great until my two week long travel (technically, it was only 10 days, but prepping to leave and coming back totally throw off the schedule too!  It’s true!)  so I’m headed to the grocery today to stock up on healthy food and I’ve already made my meal plan this week so I can finally cook again.  I really don’t love the eating-out-for-every-meal aspect of travel, but hey.  It is what it is.


Resolution 2: Make a Life List.  Hey!  Nice job, self.  I did this one.   I made a life list for this year, not a big bucket list because those intimidate me.  Now I just have to get through the list, which after already failing at #1, might be harder than I thought.  But try I will.


Resolution 3: Photograph More.  Okay so when I went to Alt, I took a Photo 101 refresher course by Wendy and Tyler from The Blue Lily.  They are seriously so awesome.  Even though I majored in photography, my program only taught film and darkroom so I felt like I should take a digital 101 class and I am so glad I did!  My mind was blown.  Since I already had a basic understanding, with just lots of holes to fill in, this was exactly what I needed to help me with what I’ve been struggling with and give me confidence to start shooting again.  And Wendy and Tyler are amazing teachers – they know exactly how to break down the basics for real understanding and they don’t get snippy when you ask silly questions.  They travel the world to do workshops and shoot portraits  so please go check them out if this is something that might interest you too.  Chances are the will be coming to your city at some point.


Resolution 4: Less Coffee, More Tea.  Not even going to lie, I haven’t even been trying to cut my coffee habit.  Until today that is!  I went cold turkey this morning, so I’m back on.


Resolution 5: Less Internet, More Books.  Well, it’s been a struggle because letting yourself fall down the rabbit hole that is the internet is so magical and wonderful, but I’ve been trying. Parker got me a book for Christmas that I’ve really gotten in to and almost finished.  It’s a series though so I don’t even have to think about what to read next.  If you liked the Hunger Games series, give it a shot.  (Hey, I didn’t say I was going to read more worldly, sophisticated books! Lay off me.)


Resolution 6: “If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again.”  Well, well, well.  Here I am following this resolution to a T.  Good job, self.  I think this year I’m going to stop being so hard on myself and just try again if I fail.  Life is so much easier to live that way.  And I have found that if you love life, life will love you right back.  So here’s to falling down and getting back up again in 2013!


What about you?  How are your new year’s resolutions coming?  Have you fallen off the wagon, and if so, are you trying to get back on?


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