Hay & Clara von Zweigbergk’s Kaleido Trays

These trays are so cool that I just had to show you guys.  They’re called Kaleido Trays and you can make a whole bunch of designs by mixing and matching the different sizes and colors.  They’re not intended for food (what?!) but I think I read somewhere that epoxy is food safe once dry, so maybe these could be made for little hor d’oeuvres by coating in some clear epoxy.  Or!  Cut wax paper to size for the very bottom part of each one to place food on.  Yes, that seems like a much better option now that I think of it.

But I think they’re intended to round up items that would normally clutter a space.  How cool would a set of these look on a coffee table?  And you could change it up all the time whenever you get bored.  Loves it!
Aren’t these awesome?! I’m kind of freaking out over them.  They would make such a fun show piece when hosting a crowd or would make a really great house warming gift that could be added on to.  Collect them all HERE.

What do you think?  Would you add these to your wishlist?  Consider them added on mine.

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