Daily Dose of Pretty | 37 | Martha’s Kitchen Drawers

Behold!  The drawers of Martha Stewart’s kitchen.  Ever wondered what it would be like to explore Martha’s very own kitchen and see if she’s really as OCD organized as the reputation that precedes her?  No?  Okay, well you’ll still be amazed.  Just look at these immaculately organized and pristine drawers.  Not a crumb, not a spoon or skewer out of place.  Everything you could ever need right at your fingertips.   It’s like a dream, really.

And these are just the DRAWERS.  Go see the rest of her kitchen and go crazy with kitchen envy.  I mean come on – it’s a kitchen designed by the one and only Martha Stewart.  You know it’s going to be good.

Martha's Kitchen - Hand Tools and Rolling Pins

Martha's Kitchen - knives and first aid

Martha's Kitchen - Office Supplies and Hardware Basicas

Martha's Kitchen - Skewers and Silver

Martha's Kitchen - Zesters, Graters, and Peelers & Tea Suppliesjpg

Martha's Kitchen - cocktail napkins and hand towels

Impressed?  Inspired?  (Nauseated?) Oh Martha, I just love that woman!  I purchased a knife drawer organizer after seeing this and it just arrived today so I’m going to have to snap to getting that drawer in order.  Really, you wouldn’t want to see the state of it right now.  Martha would be horrified!

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