1of52So, over the years I’ve seen several bloggers post 52 week photo projects, usually as a series capturing their children and now that I have  child, I see the appeal of capturing little moments of your babes every week to look over at the end of the year.  So this is our first image in the series that I hope to maintain in 2015.  Baby in a bear suit!

I bought this bear suit when Charlie was about a month old.  All they had were 6-month sizes so I bought it, thinking it would be huge on him initially but would last all winter.  But our little guy is surprising us every day with how much he’s growing and this just-turned-3-month-old Charlie is just about to outgrow his 6-month-old bear suit.  Such a shame since it’s so cuddly warm (not to mention UH-DOR-ABLE).  I’ve had stopped buying him those fleece footed jammies that are so warm because he outgrows them so fast and is already almost too big for the 9 month size in those and I refuse to buy any bigger.  My big boy won’t stop growing!

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